Song: B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)

Album: Stankonia

Honourable mention: Tomb of the Boom (Speakerboxxx)

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There it is, the one song that might have changed your life by making you a rap fan. Oh sure, you knew and liked rap well enough by the time OutKast unleashed B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) to an unsuspecting world and populace on Sept. 19, 2000. You were a young 14-year-old then, growing into your own, and B.O.B. touched you in ways that previous songs that were similarly monumental couldn’t and hadn’t, in ways that Still D.R.E., My Name Is, Hard Knock Life

1. CHARLES BEAUDELAIRE was a French poet from the 19th century, who attained notoriety for his work as an essayist and art critic, to go along with his work as a poet. Which is to say: if he’s not the greatest poet of the 19th century, then he’s not far away. His Les Fleurs du Mal remains stupendous, and so does his lyrical prose style. His work is so singular that the modern French and English languages wouldn’t be the same without Baudelaire’s output — and without him coining the term modernity. We don’t say all this to say that…

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He’s still dead.

That’s the thing about posthumous albums from rappers we love, which we’ve sadly had to get used to a fair bit over the recent few weeks/months/years. The thing is, in the very best case they merely serve as reminders of the person you’ve lost, the talent they possessed and why you fell in love with their raps in the first place.

That’s if those posthumous albums are done right, of course. When they’re done right, posthumous albums will feel like Makaveli: The 7 Day Theory or, like, Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, and make…

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Ain’t no tellin’. What. I’m. Finna. Be on!

You can hear exactly how the words above sound just by reading them. If this were a normal song we would say something like how that’s the beauty of music but the thing about it is, Broccoli was always such a dumb and wack song.

Sure, it introduced rappers D.R.A.M and Lil Yachty to the forefront of our collective consciousness but we’ve since moved past, way past thank God, the need for this stupid song.

Oh, this isn’t to say that D.R.A.M — well DRAM, since he changed the name in 2017

Photo via NME. (Credit: PRESS)

“What’s goin’ on all of a sudden. It was nothin’ no jokin’ son. Jasmine holdin’ the smokin’ gun.”

The finality and timing of it is what’s so brutal.

On the day before DMX passed, when it became clear that while the rapper might not have died like some close friend of his might have had us think but had merely suffered organ failures, folks circulated a clip of Black Rob speaking on the situation.

It was jarring — for anyone, but also and especially for folks who grew up on late 90s Bad Boy records music. It was jarring because…

Photo by Michael J, via Pitchfork.

iLoveMakonnen deserved better. That’s probably where we need to start this one.

Makonnen deserved better than the shake he got from the music industry, better than languishing on the OVO Sound shelves after signing there, better than seeing the boy Drake jump on his Tuesday song. Deserved better than to get a pseudo opportunity with Warner Music afterward, of which came very little but a Carnage collab and another with Lil Peep & Fallout Boy.

Look, we know, we know, we’re getting emotional. But there’s a reason for that. Makonnen deserved better because, simply, he makes some of the catchiest…

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“I’m gon’ make it work, twenty-eight and tryna get baptized. Priest scared to touch me ’cause he said I gave him bad vibes.” — DMX, One More Road to Cross

The thing about it is, there are never good words.

There can never be good enough words to detail the loss of losing someone as monumental and as consequential to rap music and the culture as DMX was — so what’s the point in even trying?

The point in even trying is that it might help you grieve and process it all. So you try.

You mention that DMX, birth…

Photo via Okayplayer.

From the moment Backwoodz Studioz announced Haram in February, they set the Internet ablaze.

Seriously. Like, they announced the album alongside the pre-order link and promptly made their website crash. It was coming, but hip-hop heads wanted it to come that much sooner. (Not the first, nor the last, time. We know, we know.)

Haram, the new collaborative album between Armand Hammer (the rapping duo of Elucid and billy woods) and producer The Alchemist, is the first true appointment-viewing release of 2021. It’s a perfect union (at least on paper, until we get to this review) between rapper and producer…

Photo via Billboard.

Remember when Young Thug was gonna have missed his moment?

When this singular and titanic genius who has spent his entire career remodelling and remaking popular music, trap music and rap music in his image — and probably not in that order if we’re keeping it really real — when this man was gonna have spent his complete career without ever breaking through, without ever coming close to receiving the mainstream accolades that so many of his clones have already been feted with? Seriously this is a real thing that happened. …

Spitta. (Photo via Euphoriazine)

The hardest working, and hardest smoking, man in rap music is back at it.

Curren$y the Hot Spitta is back in our lives with the Collection Agency tape, his first of the new year and first since December’s Welcome to Jet Life Recordings– for anyone this wouldn’t be noteworthy but with the pace Curren$y has kept over the past few years, this is a legitimately long hiatus. Just in 2020, the New Orleans native released no fewer than nine (!!!!!) different projects, of various lengths and quality. …

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